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spndpfrdcrck's Journal

That's Just The Way I Roll
I hate bios with a fiery passion. But since you are actually taking the time to read this, I will try to make it interstingish. Ok, currently I'm attending some college in the vast state of California...ok, fine, if you must know it's California State University at Chico. My home state is New Mexico. Why yes, that is a state in the United States! You don't need a passport to get there, we speak English, and we are not an extension of Mexico! Also, it does snow there. Just to let ya know. You wouldn't believe how many people are surprised at this. I ramble a lot. As if you coulnd't tell. I'm obsessed with Supernatural. The TV show. It surprises me how many people don't know what that is. Quite depressing really. I am (most unfortunately) a middle child. Two older sisters, a younger sister who is CRAZY (kinda like me...oh i have influenced her way to much), and a little brother. And a puppy who is not really a puppy but too cute to be called a dog. I'm an English major. I want to go into literary publishing. Yes, it is quite unique isn't it? I ask a lot of rhetorical questions. Back to Supernatural. I can relate anything to it. Or you know...pretty much anything. I love both brothers equally...although sometimes one will piss me off and then I love the other more (right now, I love them equally. A couple weeks ago, Sam was loved more cuz dean was being a dumbass). Books. Obviously I love reading them seeing as how I want to go into publishing. Twilight is my other love. Those books are amazing and Edward is my fourth love after Sam, Dean, and the Metallicar. Although this order varies often, so don't hold me to it. And then comes Link Larkin. Cuz I also love musicals. I'm a sci-fi geek that is going to shut her mouth now. I lied. I work in a university library where I shelve books and shelf read...which is making sure the book are in order and that they look pretty! It's the most boring thing ever. And I've recently become addicted to all things Disney